Discover the benefits of using TPblock

> Shape

TP® BLOCK is symmetrical. After application of the glue can be positioned indifferently on the right or left hooves, internal or external. if the adhesive is laid by mistake on the wrong face, just rotate the block at 180 degrees and proceed with the application.

> Functionality & Animal Welfare

TP® BLOCK Significantly contributes to the healing of the treated part and at the correction of lameness coming from podal disorders with immediate effect on ambulation static and dynamic balance of the animal. TP® BLOCK reduces significantly the pain and stress resulting from inflammation, necrosis and other pathological processes. That plague the foot and particularly the distal of the hooves. A healthy animal produce more and better.

> Dimension

TP® BLOCK is longer than a normal wooden block, covering the heels and provides an excellent support to the foot by reducing strains on the flexor tendons. Also It is easily moldable with a pincer or flexible to give the shape and /or angle desired. TP BLOCK dimension: 48x120x14mm.

> Material

TP® BLOCK is made 100% polyurethane, the material is highly abrasion resistant but is flexible for excellent comfort during the walk. The polihurethane is widely used by Tecnoplastica Perletti in the production of insoles for trotting horses and equine farrier to replace the traditional metal irons.

> Handling

TP® BLOCK can be applied with all polyurethane adhesives in commerce. The small cylindrical ridges maintain a constant distance from the surface of hoof, allowing best adhesion performance. The thickness of glue remains uniform function also in case of sudden movements of the animal or excessive pressure of the operator. The 14 mm height allows a good suspension of hoof treaty.

> Resistance & Grip

TP® BLOCK is made with high resistance polyhuretane and proven on more disparate types of flooring (gratings cement, full cement, rubber, litter). The consumption is insignificant and even after three weeks the thickness remains unchanged, even in contact with the more abrasive and hard surfaces. Instead of traditional wooden block, is not necessary employ thicknesses more elevated, with all benefits for cow deambulation. It ensures at the animal a superior support sensitivity and adhesion. Even on wet or slippery surfaces the bovine maintains a perfect grip on the ground unreachable with normals wooden block or rubber.

> Persistance

The average time of stay on the animal is three weeks with maximum value over two or three months. The picture show a TP BLOCK after one month standing on the concret grid floor.

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